The first snow of 2009 and a brilliant felt vessel!

My view this morning!

It’s really unusual to have snow this early in the year on the ridge opposite the front of my farmhouse.  Sometimes, the larger peak Mount Leinster does have a dusting in mid November but normally we only have it on the whole range in the thick of winter (if at all) so I was delighted to wake up to this pretty picture first thing this morning!

Hilary joined me just before half past ten to felt for the first time, our project was a simple felt vessel.  We had a chat about the basics of felting over a warming freshly ground coffee (part of a Going Green swap package from Chaimama via Ravelry) and then got stuck in selecting and weighing fibre.  The Icelandic wool batts (available from my Etsy store) are excellent for sculptural felt and it is important to have roughly the same amount of fibre on each side of your resist hence the weighing!  Hilary decided to make a round vessel with the main colours being my favourite apple green in combination with a gorgeous turquoise.  We sub-divided the wool into four equal piles giving us two layers to lay out for each side prior to any surface embellishment.  Once the two layers were laid and wet out lightly Hilary then added some turquoise mulberry silk and some swirls of wool in another complimentary turquoise/greeny shade.  As I have mentioned before using more soap than usually advised coupled with a lot less water seems to work really well with the Icelandic wool. 

Hilary sealing the edges

Once Hilary’s vessel passed the pinch test I cut out a very small hole to release the resist.  As you seal and work the cut edges the opening will always widen so a good tip is never to make the initial cut too big!  When sealing the edges use a lot of soap on your hands, this helps you to make a nice clean edge.   Now the vessel was worked by hand both on the bamboo blind (we had started with bubble wrap and progressed to the blind as the fibres started felting together) and in very hot  soapy water in the sink.  Hilary also threw the felt onto the table to help shock and full it, then kept stretching it to form the final shape and help the wool form the memory.  Finally all the soap was rinsed totally out of the felt, the vessel was reshaped, the texture and form admired and all that was needed were a few images to mark a great mornings felting!

Hilary with her stunning first piece of felt!



For some reason the image uploader is playing up this evening so check out my Flickr images for a larger shot of the finished vessel, the texture is beautiful!


7 thoughts on “The first snow of 2009 and a brilliant felt vessel!

  1. Give my regards to Hilary on the success of her first vessel. The contrast of the warm green with the cooler turquoise is very popular here in the States. She did an excellent job.

  2. yesterday I wanted to comment on your rug, saying that the white wool looks like snow! But it was to much work to search my flickrloginnr. And see, now you have your first real snow. Great, now you can wrap you yourself with all the feltjackets you’ve made! xDorie

  3. Good morning Nicola,

    Well what a successful and productive morning you both had. Hillary’s vessel is lovely. Nicola, you must be the best instructor…That sure doesn’t look like a first time felting project. It’s just beautiful and finished so nicely. Love the colors, too.

    We woke to snow yesterday morning, too. But it melted by noon and surprisingly enough, was nice enough for my husband to take a lawn chair out onto the deck to do a little reading in the sun…He was in his glory, as was our dog, Yogi! That was probably our last lawn chair on-the-deck day for a few months…I hear we have really cold weather heading our way by week’s end. Better find my winter coat!

    Hope you’re having a great day!


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