Wild weather and today’s workshop

I am still tidying the studio in preparation for today’s workshop, just taking a quick break (aka escaping from the clutter) to write this quick post.  Three ladies who attended one of the recent starter sessions have booked for the day to make large wall hangings or framed flat felt.  We will be calculating how much wool we need in relation to their finished size and experimenting with different types of fibre for embellishment.  One participant is bringing along her retrievers hair and I also have horse hair, more dogs hair, raw fleece and some raw alpaca in my stash. 

It is great to finally start to see some light around my long work table in the studio!  Following on from my mentoring sessions on Wednesday I am really making an effort to put my paperwork in order and start 2010 with a clean slate.  One piece of advice that has stuck in my mind from the Business mentor was to pay myself a wage every week without feeling guilty.  In this way he explained it is easier to set work related targets and stick to them, if I have a poor week financially I am still to take the payment and just organise a bit more work for the following week!  Let’s see how this goes, I like the sound of it and have decided to get someone in to help me clean the house and studio two or three times a month.  That will be a big incentive!!


3 thoughts on “Wild weather and today’s workshop

  1. You certainly deserve to pay yourself. Delegating and paying someone to clean and tidy is a really wise Time management decision. Good Luck. Let us know how it works out.

  2. Good morning Nicola,

    Well from the looks of my surroundings, that would be all the incentive that I would need…The promise of some help with house cleaning. We had our Guild Sale over the past 3 days, so at the conclusion of the event, of course the dreaded tear down and clean-up. Well, with approximately 15 of us working, it only took a little over an hour, including loading all of the heavy display equipment into trailers. I asked if they could all come to my house one day next week. With the whole group working to tidy my house, I figure we’d be done in about….A MONTH 😦 My incentive will have to be that my parents will be here in about one month, so I’d better get busy or they’ll have to hurdle over the wool to get in!

    My husband is always after me to get a business plan… Sounds similar to your Business mentor’s advice. I need to work on becoming a better business person. Oh, but the creating is so much more fun…

    Can’t wait to hear all about the workshop…Dawn

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