Another book for felt fanatics!

Yesterday was an extremely busy ‘paper’ day, a visit to my accountant followed by financial mentoring followed in turn by a session of business mentoring, little wonder that I didn’t actually get to create any felt!  On my way back from Wexford however I called in to Carmen and borrowed her new book ‘Dutch Felt’ (Vilt in Beeld) by Ria van Els-Dubelaar.  Anyway, I did enjoy relaxing and reading this last night and particularly loved ‘Wrinkles’, a stunning fireside rug which looks like a hot orange and natural brown sheepskin.  The text is in both English and Dutch which is helpful and there is a nice gallery of work by various well known Dutch felters including some gorgeous urns by Lyda Rump, roll on February!

Off now to do some more tidying up in preparation for the Saturday felting workshop, this day is fully booked but if you are interested in attending on Saturday 28th please check out the workshop page for full details.  I am flexible with what we make so if you prefer any of the other titles from the Winter series please just email me asap and we will see what we can do!


3 thoughts on “Another book for felt fanatics!

  1. Can’t find the entry for the large vessel but I take my hat off to you. I have spend 3 hours trying to shape a rounded vessel.. it is much easier in clay that is for sure. I am having difficulty in pull the sides up because when I do, I get ripples around the circumference. Ok I will photo it and then blog my experience but I, now, have a new appreciation for your exquisite large grey vessel with the white lip/handle.

    • Yes, a great book to drool over the photos and then try and tackle one of the projects. I was havbing a look at my Jacobs fleece earlier this evening when trying to tidy up the studio so the rug is a definite yes for me! Your new silk piece looks great, would be interesting to see it felted although it is lovely just as it is!!

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