Felt flowers and felting kits

This morning I had put time aside to take photos of my new felting kits and put them up on Etsy.  I am SOOOO frustrated as I write because now that I have found my camera I can’t find it’s charging station so uploading them will have to wait until Sunday or Monday when I can borrow Alan’s camera again.  As a result I have spent the latter half of the morning making a selection of felt flowers which are now drying on the Rayburn (range).  After lunch I am going to settle down and add beads, buttons and brooch backs, whatever grabs my fancy for each individual flower.  You know how difficult I find it to do the small sewing projects that finish a piece, wish me luck because I know it will be very easy to get distracted by another more ‘urgent’ felting piece and I really do want to get these flowers finished and ready to go!

Making felt jewellery is really fun, doesn’t take a lot of materials and is a great way to experiment with colour combinations that you otherwise mightn’t use.  Tomorrow I am teaching the felting section of the ‘Pick up your Kneedles’ series of workshops, this is in Tinahely, Co. Wicklow, a gorgeous rural part of the country.  Possibly we will make jewellery at the workshop or maybe participants will want to make some flat felt or a small vessel.  To date several of the participants have attended each workshop and their skills have been progressing very well, each time is a mixed bag of experience but whatever we make we will definitely have fun!



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