Another felt hat, answers to questions

I had great fun yesterday finishing the raspberry ripple felt hat and then was inspired to adjust the template slightly and make another, this time with a fresh green and white colour scheme.  I also wanted to try incorporating silk chiffon and silk hankies into the Icelandic wool to see how they would felt together, I was very happy with the result!  I have now posted pictures of the second hat to Flickr and if you click here you can see some notes which I have added to the close up shot.  Move your mouse over the image and the notes highlight areas that clearly define the chiffon, the hankies and how the wool migrates through both.

Now to answer some questions ….. the wool doesn’t seem at all scratchy to me although it does have a very tactile texture, the raspberry/red highlights on the green and white hat are from the printed silk chiffon, scrim is a natural open weave fabric softer than jute but coarser than muslin, my Etsy shop is called Clasheen like the blog and the actual url for those of you who are technologically minded is and no, I am not going to shave either of the hats!


3 thoughts on “Another felt hat, answers to questions

  1. YOU are a gem!!! thank you. I could not find your Etsy shop at 3AM, but of course after I had typed the question, and posted it, then, I stumbled onto the shop. Must be too early in the morning for search engines, as i tried several combination and several spellings. Anyway, thank you again, I am not sure I have ever seen or heard of scrim but hearing it described as rectangular shaped almost gives me an impression of a basket weave 2 over 1 under– in a former life I was a weaver but a pretty atrocious weaver.

  2. Anyway, I hit enter before I finished my thought. Thank you immensely as I enjoy learning new things and with you , Nicola EVERY posting is not only a delight but an ever expanding knowledge base. I am fortunate to cyber-know you!!! YOU are AWESOME!

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