Today’s workshop using brilliant colour and texture

Embellishing the surface

Embellishing the surface

One of my favourite things about felting is the variety of textures achievable, both by the addition of surface materials and the way we lay out the wool either evenly or randomly. At the fun flat felt workshop today I showed the participants how to lay out the wool batts evenly and then everyone had fun selecting contrasting and complimentary muslin, silk chiffon, gauze, roving and silk to decorate the surface. The resulting pieces were absolutely gorgeous, I did mean to take final photos but we were chatting so much and booking our next session that everyone had gone home before I realised they never got taken!

Tomorrow I do need to prepare my final presentation for the Failte Ireland course that I am doing (need to deliver it first thing on Monday morning!) but already I am planning a structural piece using this gorgeous raspberry and cream combination!

Raspberry ripple!

Raspberry ripple!

I might try a hat as I am interested to see exactly how comfortable the Icelandic wool would be worn on the head, watch this space!

3 thoughts on “Today’s workshop using brilliant colour and texture

  1. Ooh, yes, try a hat. I’d love to know how the Icelandic wool works/feels for a hat, plus I love that beautiful raspberry color. I have some merino similar in color, so I’m off to grab mine and will work on a hat this morning, too. But first off to get my morning cup of coffee.

    Hope you’re having a great day. It’s going to be beautiful here today…Unseasonably warm for November. In fact we may drive over to Lake Michigan to walk along the beach. We’ll have snow before too much longer, so going to enjoy this while we can.


  2. Your nuno scarf arrived and I am more than pleased. So happy to have something of yours for myself. Roving arrived today………….am thinking what I will do with it.
    It fascinates me that the world is so small, and thanks to the computer we can all do this. Keep the blogs coming :>)


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