Silk laps again and still tidying!

In response to some of your comments re. the silk laps I also find that they can ‘catch’ your skin as you are laying them out but definitely not as much as silk hankies do. What I like to do if my hands are dry is to rub them in olive oil about ten minutes before I start to lay out the silk. Really saturate your hands in the oil and then rub off any excess with a damp towel just before you start to work and you will find that it definitely helps quite a bit. I am going to contact the lady I bought the laps from on Monday and hope to be able to offer them for sale on my Etsy shop! I would also love if she would allow me to sell her hand dyed cotton gauze as well, I really regret not buying more last weekend although I did buy about 12m of cream gauze which if I ever found the time I could dye myself!

Tomorrow morning I have my first Winter workshop here at Clasheen and participants are travelling from as far as Limerick and Dublin. I do find it quite ironic that nobody local is attending this time, really I do need to put up some good signs locally and possibly advertise in the local parish newsletters as well. My demonstration to the St. Mullins ICA (Irish Countrywomens Association) on Monday night was good fun and it was great seeing all the expressions as the wet wool quickly became a beautiful piece of flat felt. I need to get off the internet now and get back to the dreaded tidying otherwise I will NEVER be ready for the morning!

Don’t forget that if you want to participate in the Clasheen Winter Swap you need to contact me via our Flickr group and sign up before Thursday 12th November.


2 thoughts on “Silk laps again and still tidying!

  1. Hello!
    Oh do get some of those silk laps! aahhaa insist! I would like to try them. Are they really expensive?
    I would like to participate in the swap but since Im leaving next week on vacations for a couple of months i think I will join in the next swap… I suppose there will be a … carnaval? Eastern? spring?? swap…ahahaha hope so.
    Good luck with the workshops! Take pics!

  2. I have just seen your web page and reading about your problem re: skin catching on silk laps and hankies. I have been working with silk for nearly 20 years now and highly recommend dipping/rubbing your hands in talcum powder, it works a treat!
    Good luck, your work is beautiful.

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