Creating nuno felt incorporating cotton gauze and beautiful silk laps

As mentioned previously, I was furious with myself for not buying any hand dyed silk laps at the Knit and Stitch Show in Dublin last year.   Basically they are like a really huge silk hankie and perfect for adding vibrant colour and texture to any felt project but especially felt wearables.

Hand dyed silk laps and cotton gauze

Hand dyed silk laps and cotton gauze

This year I didn’t make the same mistake and although the photo doesn’t do the silk laps justice (they are sitting on top of the hand dyed cotton gauze) I am sure you can see why I was attracted to the colours!  To make my nuno felt wrap I stretched the hand dyed cotton gauze on my kitchen table and then laid out a thin and uneven layer of short fibred merino on top.  The gorgeous peacocky purples and pinks of the gauze and the silk seemed to cry out for complimentary and contrasting colours of merino so I used various shades of plum and blackberry along with a couple of splashes of hot orange to up the ante! 

Silk, merino and cotton gauze wrap

Silk, merino and cotton gauze wrap

There was a lot of rubbing and rolling involved to finish the wrap but I love the final textures and sheen from the surface.  Obviously the wrap is reversible and may also be worn tied around the waist like a sarong!  Possibly I could have ended up with even more texture if I laid out the merino even lighter but I did want to make sure that it would be possible to wear the wrap around the waist and if worn this way didn’t want the fabric to appear see through!  More images on Flickr.


4 thoughts on “Creating nuno felt incorporating cotton gauze and beautiful silk laps

  1. I heard about these silk laps and I’ve been dying to work with them but I don’t know where to get them. Do you have some for sell? or a link???
    This wrap just looks fantastic! gooorgeous bright colors! You dyed the gauze and the silk lap together to get similar colors?
    Beautiful work.

  2. Really very eycatching. I used silk hankies ( or should I say I tried) but found myself entangled in a kind of spidery thread. They kept sticking to my fingers. In the end I thought that I would have to get someone to unentagle me from my spidery web.
    On another point, I love your idea of organizing felting courses and staying in a Yurt. All the more reason to visit Ireland one day.
    FELT 4U

  3. Your wrap is fabolous…………the colors, I am drooling!!!! I have worked with silk hankies, and I have found if you put a little lotion on your hands first before handling them, you are not in as much of a struggle to get them off every little catch on your hands. Where can we find the silk laps??? I would love to try them. Put me in too for staying in a yurt!


  4. Hi all,

    I have the same problem, Carole and Felt4U, when working with silk. My hands are so dry that even with lotion it’s a struggle. I usually wind up putting on thin latex gloves (looks like I’m going into surgery) to work with it. My husband says I have alligator skin, though I’m sure that’s some sort of compliment, as he’s originally from Florida (home of more alligators than you can shake a stick at!):-)

    Nicola, I love this wrap/skirt…It’s beautiful! Hmmmm…The see-through skirt angle might open up a whole new market for you…bring about a different clientele!!! Ha! Ha! Well, with the economy the way it is, one has to be creative and inventive.


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