Busy, busy, busy

I have had a very busy day today rushing around the place and packaging orders but at last I have some time to rush off a quick post.  Tomorrow is going to be another tidying up and destashing day in preparation for my first Winter workshops this Saturday.  To remind you here is what is on offer ….. 

Saturday 7th November FELTING TASTER SESSIONS 

Take some time out for yourself and join me for either a morning or an afternoon felting taster session.  Using wool, silk, fabric scraps and other embellishments explore the basic technique of flat felting.  Discover the fun and freedom of creating with fibre and leave at the end of the session with a beautiful piece of felt suitable to frame, stitch into a bag or use to cover a favourite book.

Workshops cost €25 incl materials and times are either from 10.30am – 12.30pm or 2pm – 4pm, please note that all workshops will start on time!  Email me asap if you wish to reserve a place.

Once the studio and house is finally totally tidy (will it ever be???) I will be free to start work on a new series of felt vessels and sculptural pieces.  Making the large bowl yesterday has really whetted my appetite for the Icelandic wool and I can’t wait to have some time and mental freedom to create some more unusual shapes and sculptures.  I love the natural browns, greys and white but the dyed wool is also beautiful, choices, choices! 

The other great news today is that I have got full financial and grant approval for planting approx 8.5 acres of deciduous trees.  My vision for the future is to have a beautiful amenity woodland complete with yurts (in selected clearings once I start thinning) for all those felting friends who come here to have fun and learn with me and all the great invited international felting experts who take time out to visit this rural part of Ireland.  It’s really going to be full steam ahead now as the grant approval is dependent on all the fencing and planting being totally completed by 31st of December THIS YEAR!


6 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy

  1. Wow! Don’t worry, you can do it! The trees that is, the tidy house is a total myth, ferggidt.

    Looking forward to seeing you in Tinahely on 14th.

  2. I am willing to come to your yurts when it is ready! Where can I sign in??
    I have the same problems with tidying before a workshop. It is always as if supplies are getting more and more and space less…. With different projects laying around.

    Mostly fifteen minutes before it starts I am ready. And the best part is when the workshop is over! I have a very clean and “airy”workingspace to start with new projects myself, hihihihi

  3. I want to go and stay in a yurt in your forest! PLEASE!!!! how fantastic would that be.
    I can’t wait to see your work with icelandic wool. I really want to give it a go but since Im leaving in a week and for a couple of months I guess I will wait. But when I come back I will be placing my order 😉

    Good luck with your workshops!

  4. Question: Can your Icelandic wool offered on your ebay site used in felting scarves or is it only for sculptures or vessels?????


  5. Looking forward to welcoming you all to the yurts in the woods! Carole, the wool would make a wonderful winter scarf but would be a bit hairier against your skin than merino. I am actually going to make a scarf for myself and wear it for a few days, will report back!

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