Yummy yak!

Tha yak was absolutely yummy to felt with!  If I remember Blas correctly it was an 80% yak 20% merino mixture but I am going to check this out again.  Although the fibre is quite a bit more expensive than merino it is worth every penny and I definitely will be ordering some more for myself in the not too distant future!Detail of yak and silk scarf  It was gorgeous and soft to lay out but due to the short fibre length totally different than working with merino.  Initially I thought that I would have to be very frugal with the fibre as I only had 61g but in actual fact I made an extremely long but fine scarf and had quite a bit left over!  I had kind of decided to try it for cobweb felt but as soon as I discovered how short the fibres were changed this for 2.5 thin layers (2 layers and a bit of topping up in thin areas!) with a lot of silk fibres on the surface.  The yak was super quick to felt, within about 50 minutes from start to finish (including laying out and no use of the sander!!) my new winter scarf was ready!

Electric blue hand carded merino and silk

Continuing with my destash, I came across some stunning hand carded rolls that I created one day when I spent some hours hidden away with Carmen’s drum carder.  Hiding their light under my table is what these lustreous fibres have been doing in the meantime so off to Etsy they’ve gone to find a slightly more appreciative new home!


6 thoughts on “Yummy yak!

  1. Good morning Nicola,

    I, too, love the texture of your new scarf. Is it scarf weather there, yet? It’s sure beginning to feel like it here. I’ll have to give the Yak a try sometime. It’s so much fun experimenting with different fibers. I get so stuck in just using merino that I’m always surprised at the differences when I do try other fibers. Can’t wait to see you in your new scarf…The colors will look great on you.

    Off to greet the coffee pot…Just heard it call my name (I mean beep.)


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