First destash items up for sale!

With the studio to tidy, wool to unpack, kits to prepare and other sundry orginisational chores to get through today it was a toss up this morning to know exactly which task to get stuck into first.  As soon as I started unpacking the wool it became immediately obvious that I couldn’t progress any further without tackling the dreaded studio, but where to put everything as I was doing the tidy out?  Eventually after a lot of rejigging in the utility room I cleared a little pathway through the mess in the studio and at last started to impose order on one side of the room, tomorrow is another day!

My biggest success was starting to prepare destash bags for sale as I was tidying up.  I  weighed the wool immediately I rediscovered it and put it straight into bags in preparation for uploading to the internet.   The weather has been wet and windy  here all day but as soon at the wind abated for a short while I started to take some photos and now have several new items up for sale on my Etsy shop including this sliver below and the silk and merino scarf from yesterday!  Some of my wool sliver to destash


Tomorrow I will continue with the tidy up and hopefully the weather will co-operate for photography and I can start to upload some of the Icelanic wool as well as more destash packs for sale.


1 thought on “First destash items up for sale!

  1. Tidying up…. what a joy! Funny thing is when one finds nice wool or fibres and stuff that you did not remember having… they were hidden under a pile of other stuff. It helps my inspiration actually. Sometimes finding a fibre helps me come up with the next piece.
    On my way to check out your etsy.

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