Mystery of the lost post, incorporating pongee silk and the Clasheen Winter Swap

Well, I have just spent an extremely frustrating and puzzling time trying to locate my blog post and images of the printing on felt from yesterday.  I knew that it had gone live thanks to your welcome comments so imagine my surprise this morning when I was giving a bit of a demo on blogging to a couple of colleagues from the tourism course and discovered that it had gone!  I double checked that I had published it as a public post, kept opening and closing the website until finally I decided to check out my date setting (Alan’s spring clean is not as good as earlier envisaged!!) and voila, the problem is now solved.  This got me to thinking how many of my other posts will now reappear? Time will tell.

Yesterday afternoon I made a stunning merino and ponge silk scarf in black, dark turquoise and light turquoise.  I tore the ponge into squares and strips and laid them in a design on top of the soft merino and then covered the rest of the surface in light turquoise mulberry silk.  The ponge felted into the merino beautifully and the mulberry silk adds a sophisticated sheen to the whole scarf, definitely a design to be repeated.  This will be uploaded to my Etsy store tomorrow morning and hopefully will find a home as quickly as the nuno wrap which Carole bought yesterday, thanks Carole!

Before I sign off for the afternoon (fever has returned and I am just going to call it a day) why not check out the Clasheen Crafty Swap pool on Flickr to see the fantastic goodies that participants have been exchanging in our current Autumn swap?  The Winter Swap is now open for sign ups so if you didn’t know about it before or you have been a little bit apprehensive about joining don’t!  In order to participate you just need to join our group on Flickr (only takes a minute or two to sign up) and then Flickr mail me with your details, everyone welcome so please tell your friends as well.


3 thoughts on “Mystery of the lost post, incorporating pongee silk and the Clasheen Winter Swap

  1. oh I am so far behind in my blogging. Late last night a discovered something in my spam box: a note about the autumn swap. Oh I seem so bored and my life is so lackluster, yet the days fly by without rhyme or reason. Thanks for inviting me.

    I am not sure I still understand the rules for the kreativ blog award. YOU are much too kind to award it to me. thank you.

    I have found that Nicola’s work is always fresh and inspiring. She is tirelessly inquisitive about any thing felting. I am especially impressed with Nicola’s talent to introduce and merge people together and her ability to communicate what she has uncovered.

    PS. I had to sit in a cold room all last week, which was too warm for a coat or sweater but too cool without a wrap. I want to make one, now. Hope you feel honored in inspiring me to such a chore. I was in awe of your skirt, wrap and neck collar. I am not that ambitious but a wrap would be used frequently. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

  2. Good morning Nicola,

    I’m sure it was the computer/blogging problem that gave you the fever. It’s a wonder you didn’t break out in hives! That would be just my luck to be giving a talk about blogging (which I wouldn’t be…don’t have a clue), and then not be able to find my post! Sounds like the bad dreams I used to have…Way back when I was in school, every once in a while I’d have a nightmare where I’d be at school, and the instructor would hand out a test, that I’d forgotten all about, and knew not one iota of information. Or, I’d get to school, only to realize that I’d arrived in my pajamas! It’s a good thing I’m not in school anymore…Must have been too stressful for me.

    Seriously though, hope you’re feeling better today and that you, your computer/blogging problems, are all remedied by now.

  3. Nicola…………..The absolute pleaure is mine to buy your wrap yesterday. I forwarded it’s picture to a friend of mine and we both cannot wait to see it. I will be sitting on the curb waiting for the mail!!! I am getting so wrapped up in felting that I am even dreaming about it. I love every minute of it.


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