Pictures of the collagraph on felt and thanks Alan!

A big thanks to Alan who has decided this morning to give my old laptop a spring clean and has given me a bit of time to take some long overdue pictures (with his camera, mine is still awol!) to upload here and to Flickr. 

My first collagraph

My first collagraph



Firstly here is a picture of my collagraph on paper.  As you can see I went with a simple design, circles within and without other circles and ovals.  Although the picture is not the clearest (not helped by the fact that I had a bit of difficulty carying the print in the wind to the truck and think that I smudged it slightly) you can see the graduation from deep green at the bottom of the image through to a yellower based green at the top.  It is possible to see the texture of the lace on the bottom left of the picture and also various textured wallpapers used for the larger ovals and circles.  Some of the wallpaper I positioned unside down so when printed in some areas you get bumps and in others dimples.  Depending on how I wiped off the ink prior to printing you can also see various depths of colour on the plain background sections of the print.  From this experimental first effort I now know that for my next attempt I want to continue with the circular theme but use just wallpaper and scoring into the plate, not any lace unless I find some with a more defined outline.

My first print on felt!

My first print on felt!


As mentioned yesterday I inked the plate with a dark turquoise before printing on my hand rolled felt, I LOVE the result.  Unlike the paper it is obvious that the felt produced an altogether clearer image, I think that this must be due to the different absorbsion rate of the merino fibre.  The turquoise ink perfectly complimented the apple green felt and produced an interesting deep green print, now I am dreaming of all the possibilities this one day workshop has opened up, watch this space!


Check out my Flickr  for more pictures of the printed felt.

4 thoughts on “Pictures of the collagraph on felt and thanks Alan!

  1. This is great! This new ‘old’ technique opens many possibilities. I can imagine you were thrilled at the workshop. Your interesting first design for this workshop is makes me curious to your next, and next, and next…

  2. wow, i’m really intrigued by this, i had been vaguely wondering for a while whether it would be possible to print on felt and now i know it is!

    i love your results, thanks for sharing this 🙂


  3. Dear Nicola,

    I’m a felting artist from Hungary and at this moment happy that I found your blog.

    I already made small plates for printing on felt in summer but didn’t try it yet. But I will…

    Fluffy regards from Corinna

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