Wonderful scents wafting through Clasheen, felt laptop cover

Some wonderful scents are wafting through Clasheen this morning as felting friends have joined me for a home made cosmetic workshop facilitated by Anna Brown.  The morning session is well underway as I write this post and the most delicious scents are courtesy of fresh herbs from my garden and essential oils brought by Anna and some of the participants.  These are mixed in various combinations with other natural products (eg. epsom salts, beeswax and vegetable oils) to form ‘kind to your skin’ hand salves, lip balms, bath bombs, exfoliating scrubs, bath salts and more.  I am hoping to give all my friends and family hand made Christmas presents again this year and was planning on creating glamourous gift packages combining felt and some of these cosmetics.  As with last year I urge any of you who have not already done so to sign up to Buy Handmade and support artisan producers from all around the globe.  Especially in these difficult financial times it makes sense for us to support each other and promote the wonderful handmade products available locally and for sale via the internet.  This afternoon I will be participating in the cosmetic workshop and then later this weekend I hope to felt a laptop cover for myself, time permitting!  Because I don’t tend to carry my laptop around too much I keep putting this project on the back burner.  Obviously I do have a regular cover but for ages have been hankering for something a bit more stylish and individual.  Anyway, now is the time for action, watch this space because if I am happy with the result I might also make a few of these as presents for friends if requested!


3 thoughts on “Wonderful scents wafting through Clasheen, felt laptop cover

  1. What a cool Saturday get-together…There’s just always something creative and exciting going on at your place.

    I can’t wait to see your felt laptop cover. Now, that would make a great gift for my husband.

    Hope you’re having a great day today, too.


  2. Hiya Stranger,

    I have not intentionally taken a huge hiatus from blogging and have miss you immensely. I am pleased to see the creative juices are still freely pouring from your every cell. I, too, did the burnt n oven drying technique plus I have even scorched wet felt with a hot iron but it all makes us richer and deeper learned in our craft, right? 😉 Sending you the best for your trip, good weather, great times with friends and new acquaintances. May you have an awesome time all around.

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