American update (or not an update!) and gorgeous mixed media fibre brooch

Alan and I have had NO internet connectivity for the last 4 days and although the motel we stayed in last night advertised high speed access this was unfortunately not to be!  Please excuse this really short post, I am afraid that I will get cut off at any time but hopefully tonight will be better and at last I will be able to update you properly about all our travelling and my fibre activities over the last days on the road.

I was thrilled to discover that I have won a gorgeous brooch from talanted Kate on her Tastykaeru fibre blog.  This is a great blog for all of you experimental fibre and mixed media addicts to follow, lots of interesting posts and beautiful pictures.  It will be very interesting to open the package when I get home, I have only used a needle punch embellisher once myself but know that the work created can be amazingly inventive and interesting.

Just leaving for the open road again, hope to catch up with everything tonight or some time tomorrow……  guess you could call me an optimist!


5 thoughts on “American update (or not an update!) and gorgeous mixed media fibre brooch

  1. I do hope you like the brooch – funnily enough it’s probably the one where I’ve used my embellisher the least (I didn’t expect to become addicted to the machine, as I seem to have done, so I’ve been trying to wean myself off it a little!)

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday 🙂 Looking forward to the next update!

    Kate x

  2. Hi! Hope you’re still having a good time, Lawrence and I got home today- I am feeling the jet lag! If you haven’t already then we recomend the hike up the Cinder Cone in Lassen, the actual going up the cone is awful, so steep and cinder is so hard to walk on! But the views are amazing!

  3. Hi Lizzie, Glad you and Lawrence got home safely, don’t like the sound of the jet lag! Unfortunately it is too late for the Cinder Cone as we are just packing to head on to Yosemite(poss via Reno) but we did an excellent 5.8m hike yesterday and went to Bumpass hell on Saturday. The whole park is very beautiful and it would be great to have a bit more time here but if we stay we’ll never get to all the other places we have planned for this trip!

  4. One of my best friends was born in the very area you are exploring. We read your blog together, as I have never been in that part of the country. She exclaimed that you must be exploring the NW interior then will return to SFO via the coast. She had a few ideas for your visit if that is the your plan. She, so, enjoyed hearing about her home from foreigners eyes and was pleased with your choices.

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