Feeling frustrated and grumpy with the felt flowers!

Whatever gave me the idea that stringing the felt flowers would be the last task of completing my piece for Sculpture in Context and however did I get the idea that this part of the project would be fun???  As posted previously I had decided to string the flowers on clear nylon thread but before too long it became obvious that this thread was not strong enough to deal with my rough handling.  The felt flowers themselves are very light but there is no point putting together a piece if I am going to be worried about it’s durability for the whole time I am away in the States.  One trip to an old fashioned hardware and I came home armed with strong fishing line and little lead weights which I am adding to the last flower on each strand.  This time the nylon is plenty strong enough but the difficulty is dealing with approx 3.5m of line and attaching 14 to 20 flowers per strand without the whole caboodle getting totally twisted and knotted together.  Patience is definitely NOT one of my strong points but as Sigrid pointed out time and time again during her workshops it is the repeated simple actions done well that create the best and most satisfying work.  At this stage I now have 14 strands assembled and have decided to have a slice of melon to cool my nerves!  Hopefully Alan will arrive towards the end of the afternoon because he will be helping me make the wire frame for the flowers to hang from, I will keep you posted!!


3 thoughts on “Feeling frustrated and grumpy with the felt flowers!

  1. Good morning Nicola,

    I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering how your project was going. You’re at that tedious point of the project, of pardon the little play on words, but “tying up all those lose ends”. That’s my downfall, too. Thank goodness for Sigrid’s words of wisdom. I should paste those to my wall for future reference.

    I know that all of your hard work will be worth it and soon you’ll be relaxing in beautiful California. Any chance that you’ll be making a little side trip to Michigan? Just do a Mapquest direction search. O.K., so it’s not so little, but you have a whole month.

    Can’t wait to see pictures once your work is installed. Hang in there…You’re almost to the finish line.


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