Assembling the cascade of felt flowers

Tomorrow morning I am going to make yet more felt flowers and then all the fun will start with assembling my  ‘cascade’ for Sculpture in Context.  Alan and I made a trip to the National Botanic Gardens on Saturday to have another look at where I will be installing my piece and discovered that the Great Palm House gets heavily misted twice a day.  This leads me to think that I am going to slightly alter how I had planned securing the felt flowers so that if they do get very wet they will not droop and sag too much.  I now intend stringing them on to clear nylon thread as opposed to wire and I need to buy some fishing weights for the bottom flowers.  I hope that this will prevent the long strands from tangling together if there is a bit of a draft inside although I don’t think that there should be too much wind so fingers crossed it will  be all right.  Alan still can’t visualise what I have in mind and at this stage with the installation schedualed for Thursday I am beginning to get a bit nervous myself!  When I made the submission I was informed I needed to have hundreds of flowers, now I am not sure that hundreds will create enough impact!!


2 thoughts on “Assembling the cascade of felt flowers

  1. Good morning,

    Wow! Hundreds of flowers…You’ve sure got stamina, Nicola. I can’t imagine that hundreds of flowers will not make an impact. It will be fantastic!

    Can’t wait to see pictures. When you have a minute (I know with your workload, it may be awhile), I’d love to hear about the technique that you’re using. I’m a slow flower maker, so would take me until the next century to make hundreds of them. I know that you must be exhausted with all that you’ve been doing. In fact, just thinking about it, makes me tired…Good thing that coffee’s almost ready! Just remember that your vacation is just around the corner! Yipppppeeee!


  2. Hi Nicola, it has been a while ago I have visited your blog. You have been extremely busy – I love the scultptures you have made. Great you can do a workshop in America, while on holidays! And Sigrid sounds very inspiring – the lamps are beautifull. And your flower-project makes me very curious. For a project ‘heavenly wandering’ I have made 30 nunofeltflowers with the wool of Mehmet. They are hanging somewhere at the outside of this project. I discovered a way to do it quite quickly… And about printed silk you have to do it yourself, once you have time. It is so satisfying to have your own printed silk. Well, won’t keep you away from your work, wish you a lot of succes with the exibition and a great time in America. Love Dorie

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