Nuno mosaic workshop confirmed for San Fransisco!

Thanks so much to fellow felter Nancy Schwab for helping me organise my first felting workshop in America.  Nancy contacted Jamie from Urban Fauna Studio and hey presto, we are up and running with a nuno mosaic day on Thursday 1st October at her gorgeous studio and fiber boutique!  I must say the images on Jamie’s website make me want to drool so I can only imagine what I will be like in reality when presented to all that gorgeous fiber and yarn.  Isn’t it amazing the virtual connections that the internet enables and how wonderful it will be to actually meet some online friends in the flesh at last!  Thanks also to Tobie, maybe we can get together anyway at Jamies and hopefully this will be my first felting experience of many in the States.  If any of you are interested in securing a spot in what promises to be a fun day please just click here to go directly to the booking page!


6 thoughts on “Nuno mosaic workshop confirmed for San Fransisco!

  1. Good morning Nicola,

    Oh, those lucky Californian’s…Beautiful weather year-round and now, you! It doesn’t get any better!

    I clicked on the Urban Fauna Studio website…What a great place to do some fiber shopping (there’s always room for more fiber:-)

    Hope you’re having a great week,

  2. As a southern California felting resident, I am ‘bummed’ that I will be back east during the time you will be giving your workshop in northern Calif. I would love to be there, as I love your weekly messages that inspire me. Hopefully you will return at another time.

    Keep the messages coming, I love them!


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