More flowers and images of two new nuno mosaic scarves

I am really putting my mind down to making these flowers for my piece at Sculpture in Context.  Since Sunday morning I have made over 400 of them so in search of light relief I also made two mosaic nuno scarves ‘a la Sigrid Bannier’ with a twist!  The nuno mosaic technique I learnt last November from Sigrid and have used a lot since then, the holes are my own take on the idea to add a quirky feel to these scarves.

Detail of mosaic nuno scarf
Detail of mosaic nuno scarf

On Sigrid’s last day in Ireland she helped me with 2 children’s felting workshops that I was delivering at the Kilkenny Arts Festival.  On our way home we stopped at a great Kilkenny shop called Threads of Green and discovered some amazing printed silks on special offer.  Apparantly it is really difficult to buy printed silk in Germany and in fact the last time that Sigrid picked up some it was in Brussles!  We both bought some of the silk chiffons on special offer and I fell in love with this amazing sequined silk (unfortunately not on offer!!), hence the experiment incorporating it into a piece of nuno mosaic.  I love the way that it felted and now am off to make a larger scarf, it looks amazingly glamorous with the sequins although I don’t think too cheap and glitzy!  You can check out some more images of this piece and the other new scarf that I have made on Flickr.


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