Sigrid has arrived, light fittings purchased!

Yesterday morning I collected Sigrid  Bannier from the airport and we spent a couple of happy hours in Ikea!  For those of you from other continents Ikea is an excellent Scandinavian company, simple design and good prices who just opened their first Irish store in Dublin this Monday, perfect for our felting workshops next week as they have a fantastic selection of lights and components.  We got a great selection of different designs all ready to deconstruct, these will form the basis of the working components of our lightshades, now all we need is the know how from Sigrid and the inspitation from ourselves!!


1 thought on “Sigrid has arrived, light fittings purchased!

  1. congrats on the new IKEA store. the closest one to me is a 9-12 hour car drive. Although I used to work across the street from on in Baltimore, Maryland on the east coast of USA. I, too, loved the simple designs and the unreasonable low prices, why there is not one closer to me in the Midwest baffles my head.

    I can barely wait to see the outcome of your workshop.

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