The finished felt neck wrap

Felt neck wrap
Felt neck wrap

Here is an image of the completed neck wrap made using the large bubble wrap and the rainbow coloured merino sliver.  I like the textured effect, it almost looks like a collection of flowers wrapped around your neck.  For anyone wanting to try this out it takes a LOT of time laying out the wool, in my case I used sliver so didn’t have to divide tops but even so a piece this small took over 2 hours to lay out.  You need to cover the wetted out wool with thin plastic before you start the rolling process, I used a black refuse sack that I had to hand.  Roll and felt as normal but do take time at the beginning of the process, too rough at this stage and the whole thing may just disintegrate!  You will notice when the wool is holding together and just seems to want to slip off the large bubbles, at this stage you can work directly on a bamboo blind or similar and just continue until you are happy with the finished piece.


2 thoughts on “The finished felt neck wrap

  1. Lovely colours , as always . Reading the instructions on how to make the pocket of the bag , I now know that I’ll never make one ! But I do enjoy reading about your work …. and admiring the finished pieces .

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