Sigrid’s workshops and internet problems

Since Friday night I have been having MASSIVE internet connection problems which is an absolute nightmare as I am trying to put up all the info for Sigrid Bannier’s series of workshops for August.  If you check out the workshop page you will see that I have given the dates and topics but I will need to reconnect tonight and add in the costs and other relevant information.  For some reason the internet has now decided to work just when I am heading out to a golf competition (a team event so I can’t get out of it even if I wanted to!) and I am not really sure whether I am coming or going!  Connection permitting I will edit and complete this post tonight as well as getting up all the proper info for Sigrid’s workshops, many apologies to those of you who rung over the last few days looking for more info but it SHOULD be there tonight.


2 thoughts on “Sigrid’s workshops and internet problems

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