Exhibition work, Sigrid Bannier workshops, felt lampshades!

I can’t believe that it is a few days since I wrote my last post.  Time seems to be absloutely flying here and I really need to get a couple of things finished today before preparing my ‘fashion’ item for the fashion show at the ‘Felt in Focus’ symposium that I will be attending in Denmark at the beginning of July.  Over the last few days I have decamped each morning to Carmen’s studio for a full days felting as here is still not totally tidied up after Alan’s election thank you party on Sunday.  I made two wallhangings and one large vessel that was pretty difficult to felt as I used my rubbish bin lid for the template (but obviously drew it in the plastic underlay) and it was hard to get the felting process started for such a big piece and roll the package gently.  Because of this it took a LOT of rubbing before I could start rolling, in fact the first time that I started rolling I thought the edges might come apart and I had a major panic as it had taken so long to lay out the fibres!  Anyway, all’s well that ends well and eventually I had everything holding together well and was able to get on with the rolling and shaping.  The bowl is drying now and tomorrow I hope to deliver my work to the gallery in preparation for hanging and positioning on Friday afternoon/evening. 

Lampshade with organza

Lampshade with organza



Now I really need to start advertising Sigrid Bannier’s workshops here at Clasheen, they will be taking place during the first week in August and should be great fun.  At least two days will be taken up with felt lampshade making and this is something that I am really looking forward to myself. 



Sigrid is great at being inventive and I especially like her work incorporating grasses and sticks, mounting or finishing items is not my strong point so I will be on the look out for any tips and tricks to make this job easier!

Wall lamp with grasses

Wall lamp with grasses


5 thoughts on “Exhibition work, Sigrid Bannier workshops, felt lampshades!

  1. My word, you are busier than a beaver! I am once again an awful shade of green (with envy), over all of the wonderful workshops that you have available. The Sigrid Bannier workshop sounds fantastic. I just love that lampshade with organza…Beautiful! And, then, going to Denmark for Felt in Focus! The only thing that helps with this awful envy problem that I’m dealing with, is knowing that you’ll take pictures and post them.

    I can’t wait to see pictures of your vessel made with your rubbish lid. When you have more time, could you give a few more details? Now here, I have what’s called a Herbie Curbie (probably equivalent to your rubbish bin, but kind of a catchy name, don’t you think), and I’d love to be able to tell my neighbors that my Herbie is out of commission as I’m making a vessel with it!

    Hope you have a great time at Felt in Focus! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

    Take care,

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