Wrapping things up and felting again

Unfortunately we have had a stressful weekend because Alan did not get elected to the local council and it was not until 23.30 on Saturday night that we knew the result for sure. Thanks to all of you who sent good luck messages to us over the last week, they were much appreciated. For those of you in tune with Irish politics, the Green Party has had a disasterous time of it and now has only 3 (one count still goes on) sitting local councillors instead of the 22 before the weekend. Anyway, we are obviously very upset that Alan is now out of his seat but at least we can now actually plan some time off once all the wrap up jobs are concluded.

On a livelier note I made my first felted vessel in what seems like ages this morning and it was great to get felting again! I am trying to prepare my work to deliver to the venue for the ‘Blueprint Exhibition’ before Thursday and time is ticking away at a rate of knots. By this evening I hope to have another vessel felted and promise to take some pictures in the morning weather permitting. I have also uploaded the Clasheen Summer Swap partners to our group on Flickr, please check it out and if you think that I have left you out apologies and please get back to me asap!!


3 thoughts on “Wrapping things up and felting again

  1. Oh dear; I was wondering how he’d fared when the first news came of the Greens not doing so well. Upsets all around the country, and I feel very lucky that our very good locals were re-elected after all, after much worry.

    Well, here’s to time off! I hope you’re planning some wonderful for it, and enjoying the felting again–I’m looking forward to seeing any photos you post of the new work.

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