Felted book cover

This week I have only been able to make one felt project, a tea party inspired piece of flat felt which is now on it’s way to the USA for an Alice in Wonderland Flickr swap. It was great to be felting again and create even such a small piece, tea cup and saucer complete with fairy cake cut out of prefelt and wool bats, all laid out on merino roving. I wrote my swap buddies name in knitting wool and had intended to stick the felt to a gorgeous ‘Pink Pig’ sketch book and create a personalised item for her. Once the felt had dried I decided to send them both individually in case she doesn’t like to sketch at all. Anyway, only a week and a day to the local elections so I promise to tire you all with posts as soon as things get back to normal here!


4 thoughts on “Felted book cover

  1. Good morning Nicola,

    Just wanted to let you know that I can’t wait to “be tired” out from your posts after the election. I’ve missed all of your wonderful writings with my morning coffee. I know that you’ve been busier than a beaver as of late (I don’t personally know any beavers, but from what I hear, they’re pretty busy!)

    Well, you and Alan are almost to the election finish line. Keep me posted on the results and best wishes to you both.


  2. Book covers in felt, I *love* that idea: would like to see more photos too!

    Good luck with the projects, and with these busy times pre-election. I hope you have some time to enjoy the sunshine this weekend!


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