Please bear with me through internet problems!

Sorry about the lack of posts over the last few days, I seem to be having internet problems coupled with almost no time to investigate the cause!  For some reason my gmail is up the creek so I am having problems with comments and this morning I had problems accessing WordPress.  Anyway, if you want to have a look at an experimental piece that I made recently check out my Flickr images, it is a small ‘rug’ made using the Osman technique but emphasing the bumps and ridges formed where I laid out less wool.  I like the effect and am planning a much larger scale piece, this one was designed using swirling water as inspiration and for the larger rug I am debating creating a mountain inspired abstract landscape.  Hopefully tomorrow morning I will get time to write a proper post, off to get ready for another day on the road!


2 thoughts on “Please bear with me through internet problems!

  1. I think you are onto something with the idea of swirling water. I would, personally, love to see this investigated and matured with perhaps several pieces as a result. Many years ago, I spent 2 solid years on nothing but investigating dominoes. I learned so much about materials, ideas and communication. I was passionate about it, I learned about dominoes across the world, then I portrayed the dominoes as flying carpets, and breaking apart, stacked and so on, I discovered that for me dominoes became a metaphor for people and I began narratives. Back to you, I love this idea of water as it fascinates me. Since I do fish in my paintings I am always trying new ways to express water. . I like the bubbles that you created in the swirling water and would like to see you push that idea more. It seems to me that you have perfectly captured the idea of swirling, by the integration of the white and blues, I wonder how transparency can be portrayed by a dense fiber like wool? How can the colors become more settle (like swirlng waer in a bath tub or the opposite even more vibrant swirling deep within the ocean? I am a wonderer.. Good work Nicola. Press on!

  2. I am a busy person with all my daily, painting and felting projects etc. but you make me look like I am sitting still. I do not know how you get done all that you do. Thanks for sharing all the time. Much appreciated…………..

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