Busy week but not enough felting!

Thankfully I am nearing the end of an extremely busy week that has not contained half enough felting for my liking!  On Wednesday morning I had to get up at 4.10am in order to travel to Longford and pick up a bus for a site visit to all the businesses who had applied for the ‘Art@Work’ scheme.  This is an initiative organised by Roscommon Arts Office whereby successful artists get to spend 3 weeks on a residency with the business of their choice, obviously the business has had to apply also!  I didn’t get home that night until exactly 9pm and now seem to be playing catch up every since.  Anyway, tomorrow morning I have a few jobs to take care of and then thankfully I will be felting for the afternoon with Carmen, roll on tomorrow!


1 thought on “Busy week but not enough felting!

  1. Hey there! How did yesterday’s workshop go?

    (Did it take me long enough to find your card again after our day out in Roscommon? LOL)

    But I did find it, and came to visit (love it) —hopefully we can meet up again at some point because I’d love to chat more, and ask you a bit about the felting. I’ve got one artistic child and two autistic ones (what a difference that letter makes!) and am wondering more and more about textile arts, from both creative and OT points of view.

    I *loved* wandering your blog this evening.

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