First images from Annette’s workshops

Ready to get inventive!

Ready to get inventive!

As promised here are the first images from the workshop that I did with Annette Quentin-Stoll.  Our first project was to create attachments that we would incorporate into a tactile play mat for a child (or child like adult!) and after a brief demonstration Annette got us started on designing and making a mat of our choice. 

Felt tube with ball on end and moveable rings

Felt tube with ball on end and moveable rings

Once we had all our components made we then laid out two rectangles of merino, three alternating layers to each rectangle.  Slits were cut in the top piece (after both had been dry felted slightly to firm them up) and then the ends of the various attachments were inserted through the slits and the dry fibres fanned out between the two wads of merino.  Each individual attachment was then felted by seperately to start the felting process and ensure that they would stay in place before the whole package was wet out fully and the heavy rolling and rubbing got properly underway.  To be cont ….

2 thoughts on “First images from Annette’s workshops

  1. Nicola, on your blog there should be a separate section for questions… hahah I am like a dry sponge and you are like a river at flood stage –ALWAYS brimming with ideas, experiences and awesome projects. When one lays out the wool on a towel, doesn’t the wool stick to the terrycloth and do you have to keep re-wetting it? I will HAVE to try it but I still like my window screening on top of the bubble wrap or the mat I have purchased. Like you say new experiences are fun to learn but we have our own preferences.. the new can come in handy someday with future projects —one never knows.

    These play things are intriguing and again the color choices on the olive, orange, pink and lavender are strikingly playful.

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