Nuno felt, workshops, Drumlea …..

Still think that I have a touch of a virus but thankfully I was a bit livelier today so got the Drumlea blog updated and made two pieces of nuno felt.  The first was a kind of experiment in silk chiffon and merino worked in a strong yellow silk and a sparkly yellowish wool.  It is interesting enough but not really as nice as I thought it would be especially since the sparkly merino has gorgeous glittery fibres carded into the tops!  My second piece was a much bigger success although I still need to decide on it’s final conception.  For this piece I used a base of a silk jewel in shades of deep purple and shocking pink!  I order my silk jewels from Susan at Essential Textile Art and have never been disappointed with anything that she has sent me to date.  I laid out my wool a bit thicker that usual as I wanted to create a stiffer than normal fabric and might try to create a lamp shade from it or use it as a base for a wall hanging.  The colours worked beautifully, deep purples and pinks so now it is lying out to dry just waiting for a little bit of inspiration!

This week I will be attending a two day workshop with Annette Quentin Stoll and I am really looking forward to learning some new techniques.  I also had a LONG chat with Sigrid Bannier at the weekend and am delighted to say that she will definitely be over here with me this August and we have a great line up of workshops planned!  Details will follow early next week but definitely we have some interesting things planned.

Please comment if you feel like it, I love the interactive nature of my blog!

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