Nuno felting challenge

I seem to have picked up some type of virus or something and my throat feels about twice its usual size hence this brief post.  Sara from ‘Working with Felt’ asked me to write a tutorial for a felting challenge so I am putting it out there to all of you felters to come along and join in the fun!  The idea is that the challenge will be suitable for both beginners and experienced felters and if you check out the responses to the challenge so far it is great to see so many new felters trying out the nuno technique.  We decided to run with a nuno felted scarf using Spring as the theme and I am really enjoying seeing all the work to date.

3 thoughts on “Nuno felting challenge

  1. hi nicola

    you have really been busy at Drumlea over the past few weeks. I love what the children have been making. Although it sounds like a lot of organising and planning. Look after that throat of yours, and I hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. Ok I want to participate in this challenge. Today, I received in the mail, some alpaca and silk roving. The weekend is much too far away but I must wait. I am unsure how to nuno felt but I am confident that google will have a few ideas.

    Thanks for putting this tidbit out there for us.

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