Busy, busy…… felting and convention

Small wallhanging to show pupils in Drumlea

Small wallhanging to show pupils in Drumlea

I have been very busy getting a game plan in place for my next sessions in Drumlea.  This sample wall hanging is one I made at the end of last week by laying out the design face down on top of a rubbery piece of carpet underlay.  It was a holey type of underlay, I think that it is designed to prevent rugs etc. from slipping on laminate floors and other shiny surfaces.  The experiment was to see if there was an easier way for the children to roll their felt, some of the smaller ones did find the bubble wrap a little difficult to keep together when rolling so I was searching for a simpler option.  I found that the underlay was easy to roll although it took a little longer to felt as there was not as much friction as the bubbles would make.  Hopefully we will use a combination of methods and everyone will be happy to discover which method works best for themself. 

I have managed to upload quite a few new images to Flickr this afternoon (quite a few swap photos) so check them out for some pictures of the disasterous vessel/bowl from last week, hopefully Dawn may have some advice for future efforts!

I also had a busy, busy, busy weekend at the Green Party National Convention and the Drive in at the Golf Club!  Alan was speaking on both Friday and Sunday at convention and I was working on the registration desk for most of Friday and also Saturday.   Yesterday was the drive in at Borris Golf Club (I am Lady Vice Captain this year) and in the afternoon I joined Carmen and her friends to celebrate Womans World Day with some delicious food and some great wine.

Off now for a little more felting and preparation, possibly even a small glass of red wine!

2 thoughts on “Busy, busy…… felting and convention

  1. Womans World Day? I dun’t know about this celebration. Tell me more about it.

    Oh by the way I found some sushi mats in my cabinet drawers. I an going to give that a swing with rolling.. on Wednesday.

    Nice little example you made for the kids. I, so, loved their ingenuity.


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