Felt vessels and images of felt ring

Margaret's natural felt vessel

Margaret's natural felt vessel

Here are the images as promised of the beautiful felt vessels that Margaret and Bridann made with me at the beginners felt workshop on Saturday.  Because they had learned how to make a piece of flat felt in the morning it was a simple step forwards to try out three dimensional work in the afternoon.  If you are new to felting and working by yourself or learning from a book I definitely would recommend practicing the flat felt for a couple more times but as I was there to help keep an eye on the edges of the vessels and any other likely trouble spots we just progressed naturally into this type of work.  Margaret decided to work in natural coloured wool, a soft white for the inside and a gray on the outside.  The outside was embellished with white mulberry silk and although this blended in very well with the grey wool it would show up much more clearly if the finished piece was shaved with an electric razor. 

Bridann's striking felt vessel

Bridann's striking felt vessel

Bridann decided to use a round resist to creat a bowl shaped vessel.  She worked in shades of blue and teal highlighting the outside layer with yellow merino and light blue mulberry silk.  This was a very good colour composition and I am sure you will agree that both ladies created amazing work for their first day felting!

Blue felt rings

Blue felt rings

Also as promised here is an image of my new design felt ring, more images in my Flickr images.  I am also going to be uploading these rings (and hopefully) a lot more pieces to my Etsy shop over the next day or so.  I have a mountain of work just waiting to go up online but it seems to take forever to get it sorted out and I have to say that I have been procrastinating a bit!  Now that I am felting full time I really need to get a regular income so have just decided that I REALLY need to my online sales sorted out as soon as possible.


2 thoughts on “Felt vessels and images of felt ring

  1. I’m always impressed with these vessels and I know how hard it is to upload pictures to a web site (and Etsy is one of the easiest to use!)

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