Felting, dyeing and weaving, three inspirational books to buy!

After the Feltmakers Ireland get together on Wednesday I popped into Borders bookshop in the Blanchardstown Centre, Dublin.  Carmen introduced me to the shop and it is really great, loads of magazines, plenty of craft books, big squishy leather arm chairs and a Starbucks on the upper level!  I was really looking for something inspirational to buy with either new felting ideas or some crochet patterns that were funky and would work up quickly.  Nothing jumped out that I didn’t already have in my library so after about half an hour of browsing I  decided to cut my losses (especially in the current financial climate) and head for home.  Luckily I glanced in the discount section on the way out and imagine my absolute surprise and delight when I found three of the most inspirational books, each reduced from £12.99 to E4.99!  I am going to give you the names and authors of each book, I can’t recommend them enough if you are looking for fun, colourful and interesting books to add to your library and I think that the ideas in each book would be great to try out with both adults and children alike.  The books are all published buy Gaia Books and are …..

  • Creative Felting by Lizzie Houghton
  • Creative Weaving by Sarah Howard and Elisabeth Kendrick
  • Natural Dyeing by Jackie Crook

I am off now to try out an idea that I have had since studying the Creative Felting book, results to be published here complete with pictures probably on Sunday or Monday as soon as I return from the Irish Blog Awards.


3 thoughts on “Felting, dyeing and weaving, three inspirational books to buy!

  1. It seems you can’t get enough of those inspirational books, specially if they are reduced in your case almost three for the price of one… my last book is also about Natural Dyeing, but this one is by Jenny Dean.
    Btw mehmet’s invitation for getting his visa is accepted now (my letter couldn’t send by email and had to be delivered by a special courier) He is going to do two workshops and they are all payed yet. Still 4 places are open and 1 month to go… Did you ordered some wool from Wollknoll for this workshop, or did you only use the Turkish wool? xDorie

  2. I ordered wool from Wollknoll as there was not time (visa only came through at the last minute!) for Mehmet to organise it from his side. From the workshop that I did at Wollknoll in September Mehmet’s wool is much easier to use for the rugs but it was nice to have some added colours to play with from the Wollknoll range, just make sure not to order a very long fibre merino, the batts are easier I found.

  3. I live near the Borders in Blanchardstown. I got the natural dying and felting books. They’re great and a great price too. Always nice to get a bargain.

    Hope you enjoy the blog awards.

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