Jacket underway, or is it a vest?

After a very slow start to the day at last my felt jacket is underway.  Now I say jacket but at the moment I still haven’t quite decided exactly on what the finished piece will be, jacket, tunic, sleeveless jerkin, vest, the possibilities are going round and round in my head.  I was so annoyed with myself that I couldn’t make a decision that I just decided to get going and play things by ear. Katarzyna, one of my blog readers has sent me an email as she is also starting on a jacket too and it will be really interesting to see how they both turn out!  Eventually after all my ruminating I decided to use one of Mehmet’s rug bases, tack it into the shape I want (rectangular at present with two holes for the arms) and insert a resist in the middle.  It looks really like a big square at the moment and I am hoping to shrink it more widthways as I work otherwise I may need to add a further piece of felt to the bottom to ensure that it is long enough for me.  I haven’t cut out any hole for my head at the moment but I did sew up the side seams lightly leaving enough space for my arms and this will give me the possibility of adding sleeves if I really get inspired and think that they would suit the top.  At the moment I am just laying out the wool for the front of the top and tomorrow I hope to finish this, lay out the back and then start felting.  I hope that as I progress I will get a feel for the project and at that stage I will be able to decide exactly how much to felt and full and what the actual piece will end up as!


1 thought on “Jacket underway, or is it a vest?

  1. I thought I’d left you a message after the amazing “Pick up your needles” event in Tinahely last month, but evidently not! Anyhow, I just wanted to say hi and tell you how much I enjoyed the event. I look forward to seeing how your jacket turns out – and in fact, what it turns into. 🙂

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