Wet and wild weekend of felting planned!

Well, I know that it is Valentine’s day tomorrow but unfortunately Alan’s father has not been well this week (hope you get better soon Des) and I will be home alone for the next few days.  What can I do??  I just HAVE to try my hand felting a large wearable article and now I am dreaming about nuno skirts, wrap arounds, tunics and jackets!  The possibilities would be endless if I had attempted such a large project before but due to my absolute hate of sewing I am thinking to make a simple tunic style top based on a great linen top that I already have from Blue Fish in Taos, New Mexico.  I love their clothes and usually they love me!  The styles are very free and as I am tall, have long arms and a long back, am broad shouldered but not overweight it is unusual to find a range of clothes that really seem to suit my figure.  My big dilema is how to actually assemble the top; will I lightly tack (baste in the USA) the pieces of cotton together before laying out the wool fibres or start to make the nuno felt in one HUGE piece and then tack it into shape before everything really starts to felt together?  I have two options for the base material, one some cotton in my stash and the other a couple of the rug bases that I bought from Mehmet.  The rug bases might sound a bit strange but at the moment I am leaning towards them as I really think that I might be able to design and make an amazing jacket which would last for years.  Ah well, I think I’ll sleep on it!

Best of luck to all the bloggers nominated for the blog post of the year especially Darragh Doyle.  See you all next Saturday in Cork for the ‘Blog of the Year’ awards.


2 thoughts on “Wet and wild weekend of felting planned!

  1. How adventurous! I’ve used prefelts as base when I do big pieces, I’m curious how your pieces will turn out. There is a website here in the US, it’s New England Felting Supply, they have in their gallery pictures of people that have felted coats and such. Give it a look, if you get a chance!

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