Felting workshops for Spring and Craft in the Classroom

Check out the updated workshop page for a list of all the felt workshops organised for this Spring.  The first beginners day here at Clasheen is due to be on Saturday 28th February so please check it out and email me asap if you would like to book your spot!

Time permitting I will get to post twice today as I have loads of info to share with you all re. the great day I had on Saturday meeting my teacher for the Craft in the Classroom residency.  I am really fired up now about the project and Clare (the teacher that I will be working with) and I have organised our first actual hands on time with her pupils for 25th February, just a couple of weeks away now.  It should be brilliant fun working with the 9 to 12 year olds and seeing their faces at they all make their first piece of felt!


1 thought on “Felting workshops for Spring and Craft in the Classroom

  1. May I also recommend these classes for those of you looking for love, WHAT! i hear you say …..but listen ………..it’s far better to meet someone with whom you share an interest than someone you meet in a bar…..so come on boys and girls form an orderly queue

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