Felted clutch, amazingly simple necklace design, Cushendale Woolen Mills ….

I seem to be having serious problems uploading images to my blog today so I guess you will just have to check out my Flickr account to see the clutch bag that I made to match my crochet neck wrap!  The wool from Craftspun of Naas felted BRILLIANTLY into the merino and I was really pleased that in future this could add another dimension to my work.  I laid out my bag (I guess you say purse in the States!) using the resist method as usual and on top of the final layer of wool added the swirls in the multicoloured wool.  If you want to get your hands on some of this yarn you can order it from Stephanie at The Yarn Room.  Unlike many other ‘knitting’ yarns this wool need NO extra coaxing to get it to felt in with the base layers and I am now thinking of designing a big piece, rather like a sampler with tons of writing, numerals etc. and see how this would work out.  Because I hate anything too fussy and I also hate extra work I just cut the opening into a little flap and voila, a handleless little clutch to take to the Craft in the Classroom day tomorrow!

I know that I need to post about another method of making felt cords but I just have to share with you my really simple circular necklace ‘a la Sigrid Bannier’.  For this necklace you just make a large piece of flat felt, cut it into a rough circle a couple of minutes before the felting process ends and then once you have finished shrinking and fulling the piece simply cut it into a large coil starting from the outside in.  Amazing, how simple could that be!!  I used quite a lot of gorgeous silk from Essential Textile Art on one side of my piece and if you check out the photo on Flickr you can see the shine this adds to the necklace.

Lastly today, before I head off for a spot of felting, let me tell you that I spent some happy time this morning at Cushendale Woolen Mills.  I had an interesting chat with Philip the owner about carding machines and got to see some of their gorgeous old equipment in action.  Cushendale is based in Graiguenamanagh, Co. Kilkenny and has been producing yarn and textiles for hundreds of years.  It is a great eye opener to see the beautiful yarn and home textiles for sale from the mill shop and I advise anyone within striking distance to make this an immediate spot to visit!  In addition to some excellent advice re. carders I picked up some GORGEOUS coloured pure wool yarn (check out the crochet ruffled neckpiece on Flickr, it is make from Cushendale wool) and a large wool jumper to keep me warm during the current cold spell.


2 thoughts on “Felted clutch, amazingly simple necklace design, Cushendale Woolen Mills ….

  1. I love your pics in flicker. I will have to check out if you will have for sale a pink necklace, as pink is my favorite colour and they really are lovely. Tell me if you have one for sale over the next few months.
    We are having a snowstorm here today, and I will have to take some more pics. Boy is Donegal County getting hit!
    Congrats on your awards…you deserve them all.

  2. Philip actually gave a presentation at my school today and brought along a selection of his products. I was just wondering what the price ranges were (if you remember) I was to shy to ask and I don’t want to miss out on this chance, he’s leaving Newfoundland in a few days.

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