ArtL!nks, Irish Blog Awards, immediate help needed and Craft in the Classroom!

It’s official, thanks to all of you this blog has been longlisted in 2 catagories for the Irish Blog Awards!  Please, please, please help me in selecting the catagory you think that I should stick with.  I have about another 20 hours to make my decision and at that stage must let the organisers know which catagory I want to go forward in, just leave comments and let me know your views.   The organisers, sponsors and judges are doing a mammoth task and I would really like to express my thanks and congratulations to everyone who is working towards making this event a massive success!  Here are the longlists in my catagories and a special thanks to iQ Content and Teamworkpm…..

Best Specialist Blog – Sponsored by iQ Content

Best Newcomer – Sponsored by

Great company as I am sure you will agree!   It is amazing to have got this far in the selection process and a lot of thanks is due to my friend Cathy, director of ArtL!nks and Ken Maguire, blogger extrodinare and great tutor.  Both Cathy and Ken are longlisted themselves and I advise any artist, craftsperson or art related group in the 5 ArtL!nks counties (Carlow, Wexford, Kilkenny, Wicklow and Wexford) to join the service and start taking advantage of the great courses and facilities on offer.  ArtL!nks is a service for both amatur and professional practitioners and really I cannot emphasise enough how valuable their help has been to me in the first year of my felting business.

On Saturday I will be in Carrick on Shannon for the day and am very excited to be meeting the teacher that I will be working with in the Craft in the Classroom programme organised by the Crafts Council.  I know that the pupils in my school are from 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class and I am guessing that their ages will range from about 6 to 13 so it should be a really exciting residency!  We have a full days training and will be sorting out exactly how, when and in what shape we invisage the residency progressing, I can’t wait!!


2 thoughts on “ArtL!nks, Irish Blog Awards, immediate help needed and Craft in the Classroom!

  1. Congratulations Nicola, well done!

    As for the category, that’s a hard one. I would consider The New Comers one, I think and then the Specialist one next year. 😉

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