Rush, rush, rush (and crochet neckpiece)

Crochet neckpiece

Crochet neckpiece

Well, although the snow has kept me off the roads yesterday and today I still have a mountain of things to do ….. paperwork, receipts for Mehmet’s workshops, massive tidy up of studio, prepare application for funding to Carlow Co. Council, get dates sorted for my own workshops, the list goes on! My biggest achievement over these couple of days has been a large nuno shawl/scarf, the completion of some projects for the procrastinators challenge and this soft crochet neckpiece. I bought the wool from Stephanie after the textile taster day on Saturday and I am very happy with how easy and soft it was to work with. The felt ball/button makes a sympathetic closure and I am now inspired to crochet a few more items when I have time on my hands but no way/space to felt, in front of the fire would be a good example! Anyway, will definitely post re. making cords for handles next time, just too tired tonight.


2 thoughts on “Rush, rush, rush (and crochet neckpiece)

  1. oh I just love that you are always going, twisting and turning new things from your creative brain out through your hands. I have never seen such a lovely collar.

    I am unsure if you have seen such in your land, but it is like a headband to keep ones ears/head warm without the troublesomeness of pasted hair from wearing a hat. It is worn on the ears around the back of the head under one’s hair around to the other ear then forehead. guess I would have to draw a pic *but I am unsure myself how it fits. I would like to try a felted one but no clue how to begin. I suppose it would have to be a knitted affair to provide maximum stretch for easy on easy off.

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