Horrah, I finished felting and fulling my rug!

This evening I finished felting and fulling the rug I made at Mehmet Girgic’s workshop last week.  With all the excitement and action of organising the 2 workshops I didn’t get my rug worked and shrunk as much as I would have liked during the course.  Today I was at Woodbrook with Giles and Alexandra sorting out a couple of things and I was able to collect my rug and finish it here this evening.  First I gave it a quick wash in my washing machine to get it damp and ready to roll, then I started rolling and rubbing to continue the fulling process.  It was actually pretty good fun as I was able to feel the fibres contracting and thickening to quite a degree and I really wanted to achieve a good quality finish.  After about 30 minutes of action I threw it in the machine again for another cycle and then I worked it by hand again for about another 40 minutes.  One thing that has been very interesting is that the rug bases we used in Ireland are prepared from a different wool than those we worked with at the course I attended with Mehmet in Germany.  They definitely don’t felt down into such a thick rug unless you REALLY work and roll them for about 8 hours and it was also interesting seeing the shrinkage difference in the areas where I had laid wool roving and wool tops, morning I am going to take some pictures of the finished rug and you will see exactly what I mean.  The sky area where I lightly laid the Amerian merino roving  felted more that the mountainous landscape where I used some of the New Zealand batts giving a narrower top edge than bottom.  Even though I have paitently worked the bottom edge quite a bit more than the top the difference is still visable but since the rug is a naive scene in some ways this adds to the charm!  I also love the fact that the rugs are totally machine washable when felted, an amazing selling point if doing commissions for rugs or wallhangings.


2 thoughts on “Horrah, I finished felting and fulling my rug!

  1. I am highly anticipating the pics. Nicola what is the difference in felting and fulling? I am confused as I thought fulling was brushing the wool fibers up to accept new wool for felting. ARGH it is sooo confusing. Know you are busy but if you can squeeze the time to explain I would appreciate it. I have searched it online and what I have found is people who knitt then shrink in washing machine is really called fulling. NOT felting. There is so much to learn. I thought this felting would be a short lived program for me, but I am finding I love the ideas of all the techniques. My paints are rapidly drying out from lack of use. HA HA.

  2. Yes, I am also looking forward to the picture of the rug. My watercolor paints are waiting too as I am getting more involved with the felting and the supplies are stacking up. I just wish there was a good hands on class here in southern California that I could go to. I learn better by “doing” not from reading a book. Keep your info coming, I enjoy eyery one!

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