Our beautiful felt rugs (and bag!)

A happy group of felters!

A happy group of felters!

At last my internet connection is working again and I can show you the beautiful results of our first rug making workshop with Mehmet Girgic.  We spent a fantastic weekend working and learning the Osman technique and I am sure you will agree from the accompanying photo that all our effort was time well spent.  One of the most fascinating aspects of the workshop was that you can give everyone the same raw materials, in this case a 2100mm X 1900mm rug base and different coloured carded wool, but no two people end up with remotely similar pieces.  Traditional rug making motifs did come through in several different people’s work but due to all the various colour permutations each of these rugs had a totally individual style.  Matthew, who had no previous experience made a fantastic rug and really everybody regardless of how long they had been felting left the weekend with a great sense of achievement. 

Because of the space constraints with 8 others working on such a large scale I decided to make a smaller piece at the weekend workshop and a bigger rug this week.  In actual fact this proved to be a great choice as Mehmet showed me how to convert my smaller piece of flat felt into a strong and attractive seamless carpet bag.  I will explain the process over the course of my next couple of posts, now I am off to upload a few more images to flickr and prepare myself for tomorrows felting and fulling of my bigger rug!!


10 thoughts on “Our beautiful felt rugs (and bag!)

  1. What a talented group! Your creations are stunning! True works of art. Can’t wait to see all of the pictures and read all the posts related to the workshop. So glad you and your internet are up and running.

  2. What fantastic rugs!!!! WOW………..makes me wish I was closer, like in another country, to be able to take the class too. I am anxious to see the other pictures.

  3. they are gorgeous, Nicola! And what a beautifull accomodation you have worked in. Everybody must be very proud to have such a rug taking home. It is something you will not do for a second time unless Mehmet is there again ….

    • Hi Dorie, You are welcome to post a few pictures and I will have more up over the weekend. Maybe you can link the pictures back to my blog or Flickr account and then your viewers can see all the work! Cheers and thanks for your comments.

  4. Thanks Nicola, I have already linked you in my post yesterday and have used a photo which I had taken in Mehmets workshop when I was in Konya. I will use the endresult-photo – this is so colourfull! Thanks again, Dorie

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