Picture of the finished felt road sign!

The finished road sign!

The finished road sign!

Here is the image of the finished sign as promised, I choose the oak leaves for the corners as I hope to plant some of my land with decidious trees and oaks are one of my favourites.  I just had a little shaving to do this morning to bring up the clarity of the colours (check out my Flickr images for a couple of close ups prior to shaving) and I also measured the piece to see how much it had shrunk.  The sign as laid out ready to felt was 1050mm X 900mm and now measures 750mm X 620mm, quite a big of shrinkage to get a sturdy piece of felt but  hopefully you will agree, worth the effort!  I now need to persuade Alan to make me a type of base to my own design, this will be what I actually hang the sign from and I think that I might go so far as to add some felt streamers to it to add to the fun effect!!  Will keep you updated.

6 thoughts on “Picture of the finished felt road sign!

  1. okay, this is not about your sign but my own felting. I began felting again after reading your blog. It has been 20 years since I picked up a fleece. So, I decided to begin slowly by using roving instead of raw fleece…. since I did not own a pair of carding combs. Anyway my first 2 pieces felted nicely, though they were merely experiments and not meant at am entity in their own right. http://www.seegart.wordpress.com.

    Yesterday, I dunno what happened I suppose I should take pics for you to have a better understanding but the top layer kind of peeled off. I will get pics taken and loaded later tonight. So, you might be able to enlighten me. I thought I might be able to needle felt it back on. Tis soooo weird.

  2. Thanks for the inspiration by the way. Your work is handsome, tight and excellent quality–at least as shown on my screen. I can imagine the wool jewelry is warm in the cold of winter in contrast to silver or gold metal. Your shapes are lovely.

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