Written in a hurry …..

I can’t believe that the weekend is almost upon us and the Sigrid Bannier felt workshops will start tomorrow.  Yesterday I was at a Crafts Council training day re curating exhibitions and met up with quite a few friends from Feltmakers Ireland.  Clodagh had brought along the beads that she made last week with Sigrid and Holly was wearing a necklace that she cut using one of Sigrid’s ideas, both were fantastic!  Apparantly the jewellery making workshop is VERY labour intensive and I am looking forward very much to learning some new techniques tomorrow.  Sunday sees the Nuno workshop taking place and I will be assisting then but not participating, I expect I probably will learn even more!!  Now I am going to rush off and prepare our meal for tomorrow evening, tonight Alan and I go to the Carlow Person of the Year awards and I feel like there are definitely not enough hours in any day at the moment but especially this week!  I promise to write a proper post and put up some pictures on Sunday night or Monday morning.

Please comment if you feel like it, I love the interactive nature of my blog!

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