Felt, fibres and findings

Yesterday I had a great day at the Knitting and Stitching Show at the RDS in Dublin.  Carmen and I left at 7 o’clock to beat the worst of the traffic and we arrived at the RDS by about 9.30am.  Because we were both doing a stint helping and demonstrating on the Feltmakers Ireland stand we were lucky enough to get in free!  It was a great day.  I had never actually been to any big fibre event before being so new to felting but Carmen had prepared me well!!  What surprised me the most was that I did not go too mad buying things, I have a habit of jumping in like there is no tomorrow and I could have ended up with a truck load of bits and bobs that never would have been used had I not restrained myself.  The absolute best stands for me to pick up more unusual items were Art Van Go and Twisted Fibres, both had BEAUTIFUL fibres for felting (or any other type of textile art) and I was smitten.  It was great to see Stephanie from the Yarn Room in Co. Wicklow absolutely snowed under with customers, I really didn’t get any time to chat to her properly as obviously sales take priority over everything else!  So, what did I buy?  Pink Pig notebooks to embellish with felt for Christmas presents, handmade paper to make gift tags and cards, 2 beautiful wooden stamps, gorgeous hand dyed silk roving, seed beads, 2 huge buttons, a piece of coarse scrim to felt into a wall hanging, some findings for jewellery making, wire for using with beads and finally some more Pink Pig notebooks!  The Feltmakers Ireland stand was totally mobbed for all of the day.  If people have never seen felt being made before the attraction is usually instantaneous, many new people joined up and many old friends visited the stand.  I was delighted to meet some people local to the South East and I think that all the upcoming courses on the workshop page are going to be totally full before long judging by the interest at the show.  It was lovely to met some people who are following my activities on this blog, I hope that you all had a great day in Dublin!


3 thoughts on “Felt, fibres and findings

  1. It sounded lovely! I don’t like leaving Joe with the dogs too much, but next year, I may have to go up for the day and return to Dunfanaghy on the late bus. I buy my fibres from Twisted Fibres and love their products and service. I will have to check out the places that you mentioned in the post, as I know I would love them. I, however, would have bought a bunch of things and brought them all home in a suitcase on the bus. I would not have had your obvious restraint. LOL Well, I do look forward to the Sheila Smith workshops…I can’t wait!
    In Dunfanaghy

  2. Yes Micki, If I was a sewing addict instead of a felting one it would have been a different story! I know that you would have been wild with excitement when you would have seen some of the stands especially some of the fat quarters and the silk fibres.

  3. Glad the show was busy,only 1 month to wait for our UK show in Harrogate.
    Felting and knitting very very big here in the Uk but obviously we miss the local Irish element at our show. Teaching Double knitting to give dual faced fabrics.

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