Pictures of felt rug and Autumn swap buddies!

As promised I have uploaded some images of my rug in progress at the workshop I attended with Mehmet Girgic at Wollknoll in Germany.  Please click here to access my Flickr photostream and see how the rug was made.  We started with a base of ‘kicked’ wool and cotton fabric and built up our outlines using thin strands of wool.  Mehmet had prepared the bases at his workshop in Turkey (carded wool, fabric, water and kicked together by foot to form a surface similar to prefelt) but a couple of the girls wanted to make bigger rugs so they laid out their design directly onto bubble wrap, by choosing this method they ended up with rugs where their image was reversed.  Once the outlines were laid (mine took 1 and 1/2 days!) we started to fill in with various different coloured wools.  Memhet had brought various hand dyed wool with him and we also had a free rein at Wollknoll, we just took what we wanted from their fantastic range and weighed it as we worked.  At the end of the workshop everyone bought the wool that they had used but to be honest if really did not use up a huge amount if you started with the prepared base.  The girls that choose to lay directly onto the bubblewrap then had to place fabric on their design followed by a thick layer of carded wool and therefore had to buy quite a bit more.  Then the fun started!  The rugs were rolled up in a long plastic carpet, about 5 at a time, the bundle was tied tightly and then kicked by foot for a minimum of an hour.  More details to follow in the next post and as soon as I am at my own computer I will upload a couple of pictures to the blog, unfortunately I can’t do it from here! 

The Autumn swap buddies are hereby announced! 

Carmen and Sylvia – Anna and Nicola – Jo-Anne and Ruth – Martina and Nicola – Sherry and Niki – Pam and Micky

Please can all involved check your email, I have sent you the contact details of your partner and you need to email them as soon as possible with your postal address and your preferences.  I have decided to extend the deadline for posting the packages to 21st October, I am really tied up at the moment so I hope another week will suit us all!  Please remember, the theme is Autumn, we will swap one hand made accessory, one seasonal receipe and one little extra.    Good luck and enjoy!!


6 thoughts on “Pictures of felt rug and Autumn swap buddies!

  1. Hi Nicola,
    Robin from The Robins Nest…I’m just checking to see whether you got your Stocking Swap partners information. She wrote me yesterday and had not received my E mail with your information. I did get it to her yesterday again.
    When I sent your partners info to you I got a E mail back saying you were away. Let me know if you guys got each others info- thanks!

  2. Blog:

    I enjoy reading your posts – I made a rug with Mehmet this year too at my friend Nancy’s studio – there are pictures on my blog! It was a fabulous three day experience and I learned a lot! I also took a mosaic rug class which wasn’t long enough, but again, I learned so much!

    (I couldn’t find your pictures and I’d love to see them!)


  3. Good Morning,

    Just received your email update with link to your Flickr images. Your rug is absolutely stunning. What a treasure!

    Thank you for sharing.

    Dawn Edwards

  4. Hi Nicole – We have some things in common. One is felt, two is Mehmet and three Working with Felt. I have been to Turkey last year and followed a course in his workshop. Something I will remember the rest of my life. It was fascinating working in the middle of Konya, sharing the meals with all the people of the workshop and last but not least coming home with a special rug with the memories of my family. lNext year he will be in the Netherlands together with Claudia Gemein. I am organising a 2days-workshop for them in a place near Amsterdam. By the way your rug turned out very beautifull. How big is it? And good to read that your are so pleased with the way how Mehmet is working. So if you are interested (again) or some of the Irish group check out my weblog. I will make a link to your post, ok?

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