Another delivery inspires!

My second delivery from Wollknoll arrived yesterday and I could hardly wait to get stuck in to the box.  Not having much free time to mess about I just ripped it open and decided to create a new piece immediately!!  The colours of a gorgeous merino dictated what I made, an organic looking pod/nest with a window of silk chiffon.  I am going to the Eigse Art Festival in Carlow tomorrow morning and when I return home intend spending the rest of the day felting.  Carmen will be over later in the afternoon to collect the wool that she had ordered (came with mine) and I hope to have made another pod and worked on a mixed media piece that I have been plotting and planning about. 


8 thoughts on “Another delivery inspires!

  1. Nice link for Wollknoll – but the website is all in German – do you need to speak it to order from them, or do you have a trick?

  2. Hi Anna,

    Yes, they have great products but the site is all in German! I suggest that you click on the catalogue link and play around with that a bit. Wool is wolle, felt is filz and silk is seide. They have great images of all the products and you just click and add to your shopping cart as with any other site. It might be a good idea to send them a quick email and ask them to post you a catalogue, well worth it. All the wool is marked in the catalogue with symbols saying whether it is good for felting, spinning etc. and you might find it easier than on line at first. I sent a simple email with my first order and they responded in English the next day. The order that I have just recieved had approx 400 Euros worth of goods and the P & P came to approx 20 Euros, very good value!

    Hope this is of help.


  3. Hello!
    I’m from Germany ( moved to the US 7 years ago) and our house is about a 30 minute drive from wollknoll. Every year when I visit my family I have to stop at wollknoll and stock up my inventory. This place wonderful.This is where I started felting 14 years ago. I signed up for a workshop with Sonja Fritz ( the owner of wollknoll) We took our roving ,water and soap and went outside. We made a hat, or tried to make a hat 😉 This was my first attempt!!! The outcome was …. not really a hat I would wear.. The grass was soaking wet after we were done 😉
    I was hooked.

    I will be moving back to Germany next year and have plenty of roven in different colors . I don’t think I will be using all of it.
    If somebody is interested contact me.
    And if you need help placing a order or translate….feel free to contact me too.

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