Felting marathon!

I feel as if Carmen and I have just completed a felting marathon.  I am actually working full steam ahead for next week’s Green Energy Fair but as we had a bank holiday in Ireland today, felt was on the adgenda!  It is really great to share ideas and fibres with other felt makers and today we completed an amazing selection of items.  Carmen made a beautiful vessel and then I showed her how I had made some bracelets and a felt ring, away she went!  A glass of wine and a veggie lunch later we really were gripped by a creative surge.  At the end of the day I had made, strung and sold a beautiful necklace for a commission plus sold a second necklace I had made in the same colour scheme.  Bangles or bracelets were really my thing today and this evening 9 completed bracelets lie drying on my kitchen table.  I used some gorgeous orange, plum and wine coloured merino wool and highlit certain areas with wine and orange mulberry silk.  The results are almost flame coloured, as the fabric is drying the silk is shining even more.  Carmen worked mainly in natural colours and made some really interesting bangles and a ring, decorating several of the items with beads made in contrasting colours, great work. 


4 thoughts on “Felting marathon!

  1. Hi Anna,

    As soon as the Green Energy Fair is over next weekend I will be taking time out to photograph some of my work and put these images on the blog. I am intending to submit a piece and apply for a place at an exhibition for the Autumn so will also try to book a professional photographer and have some better images shot, fingers crossed!

    I am not sure where you live but Stephanie at http://www.theyarnroom.com provides a very fast and friendly mail order service here in Ireland and http://www.wollknoll.de in Germany is absolutely amazing. Hope these addresses are of help.


  2. Hi Nicola
    Absolutely thrilled with your felt bespoke necklaces – thought it was amazing how you matched the colours to my new dress and then made the item in a few hours – wow! Have been telling people at work – will take photo’s soon for you


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