Amazing Alpaca

Delving through the goodies in my delivery from Germany has sparked so many creative projects it is almost hard to concentrate!  I decided to work my first piece in Alpaca without adding any other fibres and see how it reacted to felting.  The fibres looked absolutely amazing laid out on the bubble wrap, exactly like a long hank of beautiful chestnut hair.  They were really quick to felt and surprisingly I found that they felted particularly well in the opposite direction to how I had laid them out.  Because I wanted to make a long supple scarf I had just laid one layer, almost as fine as cobweb feling.  Anyway, pretty soon I had a really soft but pretty narrow scarf, really luxurious, but a bit plain.  I do like some items to be very unadorned but next time I am going to add a little of the finest merino wook and a few silk strands to see what the difference is.


2 thoughts on “Amazing Alpaca

  1. Hi Nicola

    Great to see your adventures with felt!! I too am a fully fledged felt junkie.

    I was wondering when working with the alpaca whether you experienced problems with loose fibres at the end of your process. I have been nuno felting with alpaca which is glorious but seem to have ended up with one very hairy scarf with lots of loose fibres. I use a palm sander for my felting. Any tips on how to avoid this?

  2. Hi Melisa,

    Nice to hear from another addict!

    I believe that the loose fibres you mention are called guard hairs and that some alpaca has more of these than others. The alpaca that I used did not seem to have many of these so possibly I was lucky with my supplier. I also did not use a sander with that particular scarf so possibly that may have made a difference although I doubt it. I am going to try another piece with the alpace and mix it with some merino to see what happens. will let you know the result.

    I have not had much time over the last week to felt due to an upcoming event I an organising, although I did manage to make a necklace today for a commission and 9 bangles!!

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