Love affair with felt continues!

My love affair with felt continues.  Yesterday my delivery of fibres and equipment arrived from Germany, seventh Heaven!  Already I have managed to create 2 new scarves and tonight I will be tutoring again, probably do some really light and supple marino creations.  Have now attended the Artlinks morning on blogging for beginners, I hope I can put it into practice.

Carmen lent me her sander (yes a Black and Decker sander) and I have been playing around with it at the early stages of the felt making process.  You need to be careful to have a light sheet of plastic between you and the fibres, otherwise the holes in the plate of the sander will suck up the wool or silk.  Last night I made a Nuno felt scarf and also tried to use some prefelt cutouts on top of Bheda wool, a course wool that felts really well.  The prefelts were not make from 100% wool and the sander definitely helped to secure them into the feltmaking process.  Will keep you updated.


3 thoughts on “Love affair with felt continues!

  1. Have your ever used Merino Prefelt as a base ? What kinds of fibres and fabrics can I punch with this as a base? I was wondering if I can punch voiles on it or is it only good for roving and felt?


  2. Hi Micki,

    Love your blog! I have rarely punched or needle felted but I think that merino prefelt would be a perfect base for embellishing especially if it is felted enough to be relatively strong. If it is really lightly felted the best thing to do might be to use it in conjunction with a dissolvable backing, not my idea but Sheila Smith’s from her amazing new book ‘Embellish, Stitch, Felt’! I have actually been to Germany on a feltmaking course with Mehmet Girgic (hence lack of posts on the blog over the last couple of weeks) and the book was waiting for me when I got home this morning, it is only just published and I ordered it on Ebay, a great buy I think. Good luck with the embellishing, looking forward to seeing more images on your blog!



  3. Nicola,
    Thanks so much for the info! I will try that. I ordered the book Embellish, Stitch and Felt, and hope to get t soon. I also got a great dvd made by Linda Matthews called Felt, Punch and Embellish. I am looking forward to doing the workshop on it. Glad you like my blog.
    All the best,

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